Awesome Action – Set a Goal!


A few weeks ago I introduced the concept of creating a vision board, which is a simple yet powerful visualization tool representing the things you want to have, be or do in your life.  It supports the idea of designing your life with a future-view.  However, a vision without any action, ends up being a dream, a hope or a wish.


The best way to initiate action in your life is to set a goal.

Living life without goals is like going on a road trip and having NO idea where you are headed.  Think about it….have you ever done that, literally get in your car and start driving without an end point in mind?  I haven’t!

It’s essential to have a destination, both for a road trip and in life, because it gives you direction.  Without a goal (or destination), you will wander (or drive) aimlessly.  If you know where you want to go, then you can chart a route to get there.


The initial difference between a goal and a desire, hope, dream or wish, is the language we use.  When stating a goal, it is imperative to speak with ownership and to clearly and specifically describe the intended end result.

A goal must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.


“I want to lose some weight”  is not a goal, it is a desire or wish.  It is vague, there is no way to measure some weight, and without a deadline, this wish will fall into the abyss of inaction.

“I WILL lose 15 pounds by December 15th” is a powerful declaration and an example of a goal that is specific, measurable, realistic, and has a set timeline.

You can establish goals for any area of your life; health and fitness, relationships, career, home, travel, and hobbies, just to name a few.  A goal can be relatively simple and set for the short term, or it can be a huge stretch and intended to be a long term goal.  For example, you could have a goal to power wash your deck by the end of this weekend, or to climb Mount Everest by 2016.



Today’s awesome action is to SET A GOAL!  If you are a newbie to goal setting, you can keep it simple and manageable.  Perhaps set a goal to achieve something you are fully capable of accomplishing, but you just need a little nudge to get it done!  If you are an experienced goal setter or really want to challenge yourself, you can play big and set the kind of goal that makes your palms sweat and your heart skip a beat!  Either way, the most important part is that you PLAY!  Remember, awesome actions are intended to get YOU in action, long after you’ve finished reading.


This is the part of OUR journey together that I love most…..because I get to play along too!

Although I’m a very organized and structured person, I’ve found that as I continue to develop and express the more creative sides of my personality, I’m letting the ‘type A’ control freak organizer in me slip away a bit.  That’s not such a bad thing….except the tupperware cabinet and my office have turned into spaces of total and complete chaos!

Don’t believe me?  A picture is worth a thousand words……



I know the disorganization has become dysfunctional when stacks of plastic and piles of paper come crashing down on me as I search for that single item I need, but can’t find!  Honestly, I’ve been waiting for the tupperware fairy to arrive in the middle of the night and surprise me.  But that clearly isn’t happening.  So I’m going to set a goal…..

I will sort through, purge and reorganize my tupperware cabinet by Sunday, October 6th  at 6:00 pm, and my office by Sunday, November 3rd at 6:00 pm.


Setting a goal, in and of itself, doesn’t mean we will miraculously achieve it.  There are a few key elements that can support us on our journey to reaching a goal.

1.  Write – Get your goal out of your head and down on paper.  Write or record your goal somewhere that you can see it and be reminded of it, so it doesn’t slip through the cracks.

2.  Share – Tell someone (or many people) what your goal is.  When you share it, you make it real.  You’ve also made yourself more accountable because someone else knows what you said you were going to do.

3.  Plan – The size and depth of the plan varies depending on how complicated or long term the goal is.  Creating a plan to reach your goal is just like mapping a route to reach your destination.  The plan breaks the goal down into the steps needed to get from here to there.

I just added sort tupperware cabinet to my google task list, time blocked it for Sunday morning, and texted my family to let them know this was my goal for the weekend.  I’ll be making a similar plan to tackle the overwhelming project of not just cleaning and sorting my office, but really purging and reorganizing every folder, file, drawer and cabinet!



I have goals for everything from crossfit, to writing, cooking, and family time.  I have goals for this week, this month, this year, as well as 5 years from now.  I have little goals, and big time scary, I don’t know how I’ll achieve them goals.

Remember….a goal is simply a way to initiate action, in order to fulfill your visions for your life!

You can sit and think about it, or you can get into action and do something!

with Joy & Gratitude,

Awesome Action Friday – Have a Vision!


The alarm clock goes off, jolting you out of a sound sleep.

This is your cue, your signal, that it’s time to wake up.

Do you wake up and repeat what you did yesterday?   Or do you WAKE UP and live, full out?   Do you put one foot in front of the other in order to survive?  Or do you skip into your day and thrive?  Are you a bystander in your life, watching it pass by?  Or do you get on the field and participate in the game of life?


The real question is… you have a VISION for your future, for your life?

A vision is a concept, a thought, or a picture, formed by YOUR imagination.

What are your dreams, your desires, your wishes for your future….for your life?

I was recently given the challenge to create a vision board.  I’ve spent a life time setting goals.  I know how to create a strategic action plan to reach my goals.  But I have NEVER created a vision board.  Except for a random day dream, I rarely think much further into the future than 6 – 12 months.  Now I’m being challenged to have a vision, to imagine my life in the future – 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or more into the future.


The thought of cutting and pasting pictures into a collage took me back to my elementary school days, a time filled few rules and lots of creativity!  But first I had to challenge my forty-something brain to stop trying to figure out how I would make this future vision happen.  I had to keep reminding myself that the task was to create and design my future – a picture, a vision of what I wanted, desired and dreamed of!

Aaahh – there is freedom in creating.  But much like writing a Love List, creating can be slow to start.  However, once we give ourselves permission to let go of our rational (and often negative) thoughts, the magic begins to happen.


MY vision board – a work in progress!

There are words and pictures on my vision board that seem impossible; that feel too big, too hard and way too far from the reality of my life today.  But I also know, in my heart and from experience, that what you think about – you bring about!

Do you want to spend another day on the moving sidewalk of life, going through the motions?  If your answer is NO, then step off and skip (or sprint) into your future?  Get into some AWESOME ACTION……

awesomebadgePractice Random Acts of Awesomeness

Be an artist and let your life be your canvas!  Create a vision board for your future….





Don’t edit, question, or belittle your vision.  Don’t second guess your dreams.  Don’t think about the gap between your life today and the picture of your future.

Give yourself permission to wonder, to imagine, to dream…..and to dream BIG!


Not sure what BIG looks like?  Here’s MY big….

  • Owning both a lakefront home and a slope side ski lodge –  big enough for all our “future” grandchildren
  • My book hitting the New York Times best seller’s list
  • Participating in a REAL CrossFit competition and not coming in last place
  • The YouTube of my TED-talk going viral

I can’t believe I just shared that!  But I’m sure you get my point now, right?  Those are SO big – I can barely imagine them, and I certainly have NO clue how to make that future a reality.  But that’s ok!  The challenge, the awesome action, is to just DREAM – to imagine and create the picture of your perfect future!

Trust me – I know this is scary!  But don’t let fear stop you.  Doing something and failing is far better than doing nothing at all!

*Awesome Action BONUS*

Are you ready for the BONUS – because this one is big!
If you are like many people, this probably sounds fun, maybe even exciting!  But that’s because you just immersed yourself for a few minutes in the possibility of your future.

Five minutes from now, chances are you will be sucked back onto the moving sidewalk of life, consumed with your circumstances, responsibilities and obligations.  The idea of a vision board will become an afterthought.

Don’t wait five minutes!  Spend the next five minutes writing a list of words, thoughts, pictures, and ideas that will translate into your vision board.  Take a little awesome action now so you can turn it into some big awesome action later.

Want a DOUBLE-BONUS?  Open up your calendar and commit to a deadline!  Pick a date by which you will complete your vision board.  If you need to be held accountable to that date – share it with someone!


Above all – HAVE FUN creating your future!

with Joy & Gratitude,