More About DYA

What is Discover YOUR Awesomeness?


Until each of us accepts how great we are, exactly as we are, with all our imperfections – we can’t live our PURPOSE-LIFE!

We are awesome, unique and special!  Each of us was born with a gift!

It is our human obligation to discover and own our awesomeness, to distinguish our gift….and then in turn share it with the world!


Why Blog?


Blogging allows me the opportunity to share my words, my message and my stories with you as the journey of life unfolds.

I believe in the possibility of creating social change through a community of people who all desire to discover and own their awesomeness!


What Can You Expect From Me?


Expect the unexpected!  I’m on this journey too and quite honestly, I’m making this up as I go along.  But I promise you I’ll keep it REAL – transparent, vulnerable and honest.  My intention is……

  • To share and connect authentically
  • To encourage you to pause and reflect on your life
  • To inspire you to be the best YOU that you can be
  • To motivate you to dream big and live life to its fullest
  • To acknowledge the humor in our ordinary everyday lives
  • To contribute and make a difference
  • To challenge you to discover how freaking AWESOME you are