Hello Curve Ball!


My day was perfectly planned.  Planned for everything, but the unexpected.  While sitting at Starbucks writing (what was supposed to be today’s blog piece), I received the dreaded phone call.  It’s the call that makes your heart sink when you see the phone number pop up, the call from your kid’s school.  With urgency, yet slight hesitation, I answered the call to hear my little guy on the other end.  Before he could finish saying “Hey Mom”, I blurted out “Are you OK?”.  His response was “Sort of….”, which I instantly knew meant something was wrong, but he didn’t want to tell me.

Apparently he was playing football in gym, and while running with the ball in his left (dominant) hand, he was accidentally tripped and fell full force onto the left side back of his hand.  Having broken his thumbs five different times over the course of  two football seasons, he was familiar with the pain of a broken bone, and was pretty certain his hand was broken.

Hello Curve Ball…..and there goes my perfectly planned day!

A baseball player pitching with spin on the ball. (motion blur on ball)

Some weeks I’m able to write days in advance, other weeks I find myself backed into a self imposed corner, writing at the last minute.  Today was one of those squeak it out kind of days, and by the time I received the dreaded phone call, I was just half way through writing.

I never made a public announcement, but my commitment, both to myself and to my readers, has been to be consistent and publish three times a week – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I’ve been able to accomplish that for almost 5 months, but now I was being tested.

I couldn’t possibly recover from today’s curve ball…..

Or could I?

Do I crumble under pressure?  Get stressed and overwhelmed?  Worry more about how to share my blog than how to care for my son’s injured hand?


Do I ebb and flow?  Roll with the punches?  Catch the curve ball instead of letting it hit me in the face?


Today was a perfect day to practice what I preach.  To embrace that which I could not control, and choose to have an awesome day anyway.

In all the imperfections of this day, here is what I’m GRATEFUL for…..

*  A friend of a friend got us in to see a sports physician within the hour.


*  The doctor had the most amazing bed side manner.

*  We left with a doctor’s note stating that my little guy couldn’t write or type tonight – which meant NO homework.

*  Our next stop was the emergency room for x-rays.  With a doctor’s prescription in hand, we were quickly moved to the outpatient department, completing the entire process in under a shocking 20 minutes!


*  Although we spent a total of 3 hours in the doctor’s office, traveling to the emergency room and getting x-rays, we still managed to get to my guy’s football game just in time to watch the opening kick off.

*  The Ruffner Middle School team was dressed in their traditional green and gold…with a splash of PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness month.


*  Just 30 minutes into the game I received a phone call from the doctor letting me know that he reviewed the x-rays and there were NO broken bones, just severe bruising that would require ice and rest.  Can I hear a WOO HOO!!??

*  The game ended 28-28, taking it into over time.  Over time ended 34-34, leading to double over time.  Double over time came to a close with a score of 42-42…..hence TRIPLE OVER TIME – with a final score of 48-42 – RUFFNER BULLDOGS WIN!!!!


Today was a great day.  It didn’t go anything like I had planned.  I ebbed away from my role as a blogger, and flowed into my roles of mom, nursemaid, wife and football fan.

Just remember….when life gives you lemons, make a lemon drop martini!


with Joy & Gratitude,


  1. Yay for NO broken bones! And Yay to you for always finding a positive spin to things.

    • a billion YAY’s for no broken bones!!! It’s a CHOICE – finding the positive, the joy, the things to be grateful for…..it’s a CHOICE! :)

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