Grateful for the Ordinary – part II

What a magnificently ordinary day!

In my recent post ‘Grateful for the Ordinary’ , I wrote about how we often forget to be grateful for those parts of our lives that are ordinary, common and oh so simple.

Today, I’m practicing what I preach.

For the past 4 hours my family has been hanging out in our back yard.  We didn’t plan any special event or discuss how the day would unfold, other than to agree that it would be one of our unstructured, ‘do-nothing’ days!

As I sit here watching the family interact, I find myself in awe, grateful for the ordinary!  We are together, and yet separate at times based on our backyard activity of choice.

Our day has been simple, average and uneventful.  And it has been AWESOME – a day worthy of unspeakable gratitude!



Ian – Snorkel Jumping (check out his fins & goggles)



Levi – Sun napping….on a pool float



Pagi – Tossing balls to the boys as they jump in the pool



The boys – Jumping and attempting to catch the balls Pagi throws



Becky – Reading & relaxing



Me – sneaking into at least one photo….

while Ben & Levi play water basketball



Pagi & Bobby – Surfing the internet



Ian – Playing baseball



The Boys – being boys!



Peter & Ben – Playing corn hole (little bro kicked big bro’s rear end!)


It’s easy to be grateful for the extraordinary, the rare and exceptional moments in our lives.  But the real power of gratitude is felt when you pause and are thankful for the ordinary!

with Joy & Gratitude,

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