About Debi

‘You may not end up where you thought you’d be – but you always end up where you are meant to be’

debi-pic3I haven’t lived in New England in over 25 years, but it still holds a special place in my heart.  I grew up in a coastal community in Connecticut and attended the University of Vermont with big plans of becoming a doctor.  After my first semester (and many nightmares) it became clear that although I was intrigued by science, I wasn’t willing to commit my life to it.  Little did I know then, but my back up plan to study psychology ended up being a perfect fit for my fascination with people and what makes us tick.

Before getting a ‘big girl’ job, I went on the adventure of a lifetime and traveled across country for three months in a station wagon with two girlfriends and a tent.  When my stint as a gypsy came to an end, I settled in the Washington, DC area to begin climbing the career ladder, because I thought that was what I was supposed to do.  As fate would have it, my chance meeting with a cute bartender changed the direction of my life forever.  Bobby and I were motivated dreamers who moved to Virginia Beach to start our own business just 6 months after getting married and we never left.

Our family began with a yellow lab named Jake and a staff of 10 employees.  I thought I would always be a working mom, but once Ben was born I gladly traded in the sense of accomplishment of running a business for the daily satisfaction of spending every waking and some sleeping moments with our son.  Our second son Peter arrived just 3 years and 2 days after Ben (there’s a great story there).  I embraced motherhood and was fulfilled focusing on raising our boys.  But when the economy took a nose dive, so did my husband’s building business, and I reluctantly returned to the workforce as a Silpada Designs representative.  What started as ‘selling sterling silver jewelry’ turned into my training camp for developing as a coach, trainer, writer and speaker.

With 2 teenage boys, 2 male yellow labs and a husband of 21 years,  I am clearly outnumbered in the gender department of our family.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way!  My therapy of choice is crossfit where I test the limits of both my mind and body.  I regularly spend my nights and weekends on the sidelines of a lacrosse field, basketball court or baseball diamond.  If I’m not losing my voice cheering the boys on, I’m quietly perched behind my camera capturing their awesomeness!

My all time ‘happy place’ is at the top of the snow-covered Rocky Mountains with Bobby, Ben and Peter experiencing the exhilaration of skiing together!

I’m grateful I can live out my purpose which is to contribute to you through my written and spoken words, to use communication to make a difference and to help people get how freaking AWESOME they are!